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What are the benefits of microdosing?

What are the benefits of microdosing 

A team of researchers of the University of Toronto found that people who took very small doses of psychedelics reported improved mood and focus. The study was published in the Harm Reduction Journal last year.   


Psychedelic microdosing benefits and challenges: an empirical codebook

‘’The most common benefit was improved mood, which suggests that researching microdosing as a potential pharmacotherapeutic treatment for depression could be worthwhile," according to Anderson, leading researcher.  

In this research, Anderson and his team collected reports from almost 300 self-identified microdosers and divided them into categories.  

The top categories:  

  1. improved mood (happiness, wellbeing, reduced depression): 27%
  2. focus: 15%
  3. creativity (divergent thinking, curiosity, openness): 13% 
  4. self-efficacy: 11%

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