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Microdosing on a Sunday

There is no better day to start your microdosing cycle than today. If this is your first time, make sure you start on a free and relaxing day, like a sunday, so you can adjust and be conscious of how you are feeling  

We recommend you to take Earth Resonance in the morning.  

  1. Cut a small piece of the Sclerotia 
  2. Measure the weight on the kitchen scale (available on our webshop)
  3. Start with 0.2-0.5g (200-500 mg)
  4. Blend it in your smoothie or mix in your breakfast. Perfect mix with walnuts for extra brainpower (the flavor is similar to walnuts). 
  5. Earth Resonance is a living organism. Bless your breakfast with love and gratitude and speak your intention for the day.
  6. Ready? Tune in to the frequency of the future you!