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How to upgrade your brain with Psilocybin

The Upgrade 

Changing your life requires a new way of thinking, a new state of mind.  

This is not a quick fix, but a commitment which starts with acknowledging that your life is not going the way you want, stuck in the past or fearful for the future, you need redirection. 

How are we able to make a change and transform our lives? This starts with the way we think, the way we feel and the way we act as a consequence.  

Our brains develop in different stages. When we are a baby in the belly till our 7th year as a child we develop our subconscious mind, the area that makes you breathe, manage your body and emotions, your beliefs, your automatic responses (fight and flight), your habits your heartrate and the ability to listen to your feelings. This represents 95% of our brain activity and is running our programmed way of thinking. How does this develop?  
A child is born with a standard set of instinctual behavior, but in the age of 0-8 the child is in a state of constant hypnosis (vibrational frequency: theta brain waves), a state of imagination and develops a library of identifications and associations. This is programmed by our parents, culture, people, environment. These identifications and associations lead is linked to emotions and become a downloaded program which runs automatically. This is how the subconscious mind is formed and becomes an automatic program.  

Why is this important? The conscious mind which only represents 5% of our brain activity and is where you reason, make decisions and where your willpower is stored. The subconscious mind gives the direction, is always in a state of awareness, love and wants to memorize every event, the conscious mind follows and is not able to access the subconscious directly. This is how our reality is being shaped. By changing our subconscious beliefs we are able to change our reality.   

This is not as easy as we think, why? The older we get the more we run our automatic program which is saved on our subconscious brain, which is developed when we are 0-4, finished with saving till we are 7, fired and wired when we are 26 and completed when we are 36. After we turn 36 it becomes more difficult to create a chance, create new habits or break limited beliefs. Although we are completely programmed as a consequence of our environment and the way we process information, the brain has the ability to adapt and evolve. This is called neuroplasticity. The brain is very flexible as long as you train it with new information. But if we do not think new thoughts every day we stay stuck in our neural pathway. We have appr. 86.000 thoughts every day, which we replicate the next day. 98% chance of thinking the same things over and over again everyday. Which means there is 2% left for a new program, for a new way thinking, which will lead to a new set of emotions and actions. With that in mind, we have to hack the system for a quicker upgrade, because it takes a long time if we are only changing 2% every day. This is not as simple as just thinking a new thought, it is how it is installed. Positive thinking is not enough, it's about a new state of being. This does not happen in our conscious brain but happens in our subconscious brain.   

Recalling and repeating information keeps this information also installed and becomes a memory, this happens even quicker when there is a specific emotion involved. That is how you create a very sharp memory about something, someone or a specific event. The way we memorized does not go back to the event itself. How the brain is saving this memory is by repeating the memory the first, second, third, fourth time you remember it. We are not reliving the memory, but we are recalling the memory the last time we remembered it. So every time we go over a specific memory we are installing it deeper and deeper. If trauma is released, this means that the recalling of the memory is not bringing back the same emotion, but is reinstalled with a new emotional blueprint.  

Now how do we do that? By accessing our subconscious brain, installing a new way of thinking and creating an emotion that is giving you the feeling of love, joy or gratitude. Why? This is how you make a new memory, teaching the brain that the love of the feeling is attached to the words or image you are visualizing. This is how we can make new associations, identifications and upgrade the system.  

With microdosing psilocybin we are able to access a new state of the brain, which then are able to create new neural pathways. Thinking new thoughts becomes much quicker. There is more space. It opens your brain and in this way you can create change, change the way you think, creates changes in the way you feel much quicker. 



 Upgrade your brain with Psilocybin

How to create change throughout the day: 

  • How to access your subconscious brain? Only when we are in a relaxed state. In between the subconscious and conscious is the analytical brain, our filter which protects us. This is where the input filters what goes into the subconscious and what not. If we bypass the analytical brain, we are able to access the subconscious brain directly and can become aware of our program of limited beliefs and blockages which we unconsciously run, which protects us, but can also sabotage us. That is why sometimes some situations in your life keep occurring over and over again. This happens during your microdosing cycle very easily. The gateway to your subconscious brain happens the first thing in the morning 15 minutes after you wake up and right before you fall asleep. This is the window of change. Start asking ‘auto inquisition questions’, or ‘lofty questions’, empowering questions. Become aware of how often you use the word ‘not’ or ‘don’t’ and try to avoid it, this does not exist in the language of the subconscious. Try to smile without a specific reason, this signals to the brain that it is happy and turns it into a relaxed state automatically during the day.  
  • Relaxing the body is where your new creation begins with. When our body is in a state of stress, the field of energyaround your body is constrained, we are in a high beta brainwave state, we are in a state of survival. In this way we only think about one thing: ME. Chemically this is called (nor) adrenaline and in biology it’s called ‘fight or flight mechanism’ in neuroscience it is called ‘high beta brainwaves’. This is what most people experience when they drink their first cup of coffee in the morning. What is important to know is that in a state of survival we react based on stress, external reflections will be perceived as a threat. Everyone around you can be a potential enemy and the ‘I’ needs to survive. This drives us into a behavior of egocentrism, greed and low levels of awareness, purpose and perception of constant desire, never feeling satisfied. This creates a loop of continuous chasing, whether this is money, sex, food or even feelings of low self-esteem and negativity, victimizing your life or blaming others from your pain. This can become an addiction and the brain is constantly looking for the same feedback. That is why in this state – high beta brainwaves -  we can never create change. So the first step is relaxing the brain and the body, accessing a wave, a frequency called coherence between the brain and the heart. If these signal the same waves, they can create a rapid change in your energy field, sensing, experiencing and feeling a more coherent atmosphere around you, not feeling scared, depressed or mood related instability. Thank your body, put your hand on your heart and breath in, now when breathing out feel the release of tension In the body and release all thought. Most of the time, you will smile after doing this. This only takes 20 seconds of your time and sets you up for a total different way of response.  
  • The brain cannot make a distinction of what happened in the past or what you are visualizing. This is how you can trick your brain into thinking somethinghas already happened. By practicing mental visioning or meditation you are able to create new neural pathways which help you to create exactly what you would like to experience.  
  • Belief is one of the most powerful functions of the brain. If there is no thought standing in the way of you and your faith, you are already there. That is why believing in yourself is the first step of aligning to your intention. If you notice there are some thoughts that pop up which do not serve your manifestation, write them down and feel what could have created this specific thought, what can happen and release it with an emotion of love. 
  • Learning how to communicate with our subconscious brain is key into creating a new life. The Reticular Activation System, a bundle of nerves in the brainstem helps us to filter information and helps us focus. The RAS is the system which helps you to find reflections in your reality.RAS connects the subconscious part of our brain with the conscious part of our brain. It is all about the way we communicate. If we consciously look for things in our reality, RAS filters and seeks information in your environment and will consciously give you the same reflection of your belief. That is why belief is so important, words like I hope this.. or I will.. and I don’t like.. are not the language of RAS or your subconscious. It leaves room for doubt and the RAS is not able to reflect back what you are looking for. Searching for things in our reality, like ‘I have the. ‘ ‘I am’ and ‘I thank…’ feeling that you are already experiencing it. This takes away the doubt and it activates the RAS. It helps you to start filtering out those pieces that can help you with that intention and so the conscious mind brings that into your subconscious mind. But even better is to turn this around. Start to implement a new way thinking by accessing the subconscious brain directly, right thing in the morning or before you fall asleep. Your next day will be filled with exactly that what you feed it.  
Resonate with love and make your day amazing! Microdose and upgrade your brain