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Ik ben gestopt met roken door microdosing

I've been using psilocybin mushrooms from earth resonance to fight my addiction to cigarettes & weed. 
How ? 
First, I wrote down all the questions asked in the e-book that you get when you order the microdose package. 
Then, I searched for my perfect dose. 
A dose were i was not tripping really hard, but just enough to feel te benefits and to be able to think about the way i was going to solve my problem. 
When I found the perfect dose, I made a schedule as seen in the e-book. 
I would take a microdose every the first day, then the second day i would still feel the after effects, and the third day was for resetting. 
On the microdose day, i would go out into nature, either walking or riding my mountainbike, to reflect on why i was smoking cigarettes, why it has gotten so bad that I just need it. And i would think of all sorts of reason to give it up. 
When my day was done i would write down an eveluation in my microdose journal as to what i felt, saw and thought that day. 
But it did not stop there. Because quitting cigarettes was pretty easy with the help of psilocybine. 
As a second goal i wrote down that I wanted to find my 'higher self' more. 
Meaning that i wanted to improve myself on any level i could think of.
I started getting a lot of ideas and breaking really hardwired patterns of thought and behaviour. 
Now, I'm a completely different person. 
And because I microdosed, I was able to control every part of my transformation. 
The low dose, meditation with the e-book, makes it so that you can consciously change whatever you want to. 
I also bought myself a book assisting me with my addiction. It was a book from russell brand called recovery: freedom from our addictions. Because I was able to think beyond my addictive thinking patterns, i could answer the questions asked in the book, in abundance. 
When I finished the microdose month, I still had the same thinking patterns I created during the microdose period. 
I started thinking about why i wanted to quit cigarettes and not weed. And now Ive also quit weed, without the microdosing! Just because I can still think in that same way I did when i was doing the transformation.
Because of microdosing I was able to see my quitting as a positive experience.
I was consciously aware of the fact that I was healing myself, that i was saving a lot of money. I could think very clearly, every day that I didnt smoke. 
Usually when I tried to stop, I kept thinking in circles and thats when i started to smoke because i just wanted the bad thinking to stop. 
But now, there was none of that. Only love, laughter, positive thinking about who i was going to be when i stopped. And now my brain is functioning like a sober person. 
I will definetely try it again after a few months. 
Because never have i ever transformed myself so much as I did using this protocol. 
Instead of making taking a microdose every two days. I would advice your consumers to do it every three days. Because the psilocybin will still be in your body the day after using. 
Also, i would add some questions to the list, or write that the consumers can make up some questions of their own according to whatever it is they want to transform. 
Wilmar <br><br>
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